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Transportation: Reconstruction of system destroyed during Korean War complete, but lags behind economic needs.

Railroads: Total railroad network as of 1990 approximately 5,000 kilometers (8,500 kilometers claimed), primarily along east and west coasts. Almost 3,200 kilometers electrified; more being electrified and built.

Roads: Road network estimated between 23,000 and 30,000 kilometers (75,500 kilometers claimed) in 1990, almost all gravel, crushed stone, or dirt; remainder paved.

Ports: Port facilities at Ch'ngjin, Haeju, Hamh ng, H ngnam, Najin, Namp'o, Sonbong, Songnim, and Wnsan.

Civil Aviation: Approximately fifty-five airports, all usable; about thirty permanent surface runways; less than five runways over 3,659 meters. International airport at Sunan, north of P'yongyang.

Telecommunications: Domestic and international communications controlled through Propaganda and Agitation Department of Korean Workers' Party. Radio service from approximately two dozen AM and ten FM government-controlled stations in 1993; nearly all households have access to broadcasts from radios or public loudspeakers. Television transmission widespread; eleven television stations. Wide range of official publications.

Data as of June 1993