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NOTE--The Country Profile contains updated information as available.

Population: In 1992, for planning purposes, government estimated 2 million; actual figure may be closer to 1.5 million. Growth rate 3.5 percent in 1994. Foreigners estimated at 17.5 percent of population in 1992.

Education: Free public schools consist of primary level of six years, lower secondary level of three years, and upper secondary level of three years. Most teachers (60 percent) foreign.

Health: Improvement and expansion of health care facilities major ongoing government priority. In 1994 infant mortality estimated at thirty-seven per 1,000. In 1994 life expectancy at birth sixty-eight years on average, with sixty-six years for males and seventy years for females.

Ethnic Groups: Most Omanis are Arabs, although numerous citizens of non-Arab African origin. Foreign community includes Egyptians, Pakistanis, Indians, and others.

Religion: Most Omanis are Muslims; Ibadis constitute largest group.

Data as of January 1993