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Roads: Road system extends approximately 180,000 kilometers in 1992; asphalt roads about 51 percent of total. Work on four-lane 339-kilometer highway between Lahore and Islamabad began January 1993. Number of motor vehicles estimated at nearly 2 million in 1992, including 932,000 motorcycles, 454,000 automobiles, 220,000 tractors, 157,000 trucks and vans, and 37,000 buses.

Railroads: 8,775 kilometers total; 7,718 kilometers broad gauge, 445 kilometers 1-meter gauge, and 610 kilometers less than 1-meter gauge; 1,037 kilometers broad-gauge double track; 286 kilometers electrified; most government owned.

Civil Aviation: International airports at Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, and Quetta. Pakistan International Airlines national carrier.

Ports: Karachi, Port Muhammad bin Qasim, Gwadar, and Pasni.

Telecommunications: Telegraph and telephone systems government owned; more than 1.6 million telephone connections in March 1993. Radio and telephone dominated by government corporations; Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation had monopoly on radio broadcasting with home service of 270 hours daily in twenty languages and world service of ten hours daily in two languages in 1995; nineteen AM, eight FM broadcasting stations. Governmentcontrolled Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) transmits daily; privately owned People's Television Network transmits on eight channels; twenty-nine TV broadcast stations; more than 2 million TV sets in use in 1995.

Data as of April 1994